At Paws-N-Shop we aim to provide the best shopping experience for the true pet enthusiast. Supplying top quality pet food, treats and chews, unique accessories, housing, grooming, and training equipment. Also introducing Trudy’s “Beg for More Dog Biscuits”, made locally in Gander NL.

 Carter Family Photo

Paws-n-Shop is a family owned and operated business.
Like many other pet owners, we love to give our pets the best life they could possibly have. When we decided to open Paws-n- Shop, one of our goals was to commit to our local SPCA. We believe in being a responsible pet supply store who rather than selling animals, will assist the SPCA with the re-homing of pets in need of a new family. Since opening in 2015, we have fostered and helped re-home approximately 20 exotic animals. Adopted a Chinchilla, Bearded Dragon, as well as a Snake of our own. And of course we have our three rescue dogs, Spirit, Winter and Beauty.
We will continue with our commitment to the rescue, while hosting our fundraisers such as our Annual Pawlooza, Easter Egg Hunt, Photo Shoots, and much more.