Beauty, how she joined our family

“It was almost two years ago that I got to meet my beautiful, Beauty. It began like any other day, I was at work getting things ready to start the day. As always I would check in on our social media, when I noticed a post of a new batch of puppies along with their mother had just arrived in Gander from HVGB SPCA. I hadn’t really thought of adopting another dog, as I already had two wonderful rescue dogs. I just remember a strong feeling that I needed to go meet these puppies. Upon arriving at the shelter I was greeted in the hallway by a dirty, thin, and exhausted looking dog named Beauty. My first thought was “she is so small”. Her fur was dull, her eyes were tired, and tummy swollen from feeding her puppies. She was the mother dog who had just arrived with the puppies I had come to visit! It was that moment I realized the real reason I was meant to be there that day. I needed to meet Beauty, and she needed me. I felt like I should take everything in her life and make it better. I wanted to love her and give her a family.

I could not take her home immediately. She still had a few weeks remaining with her puppies before she could officially be adopted. I also had to make sure she would fit in with my other dogs. So I decided to use this time to get acquainted with the little sweetheart.

I made a special visit with her everyday. Each day bringing something new; treats, a toy, or a timbit. One day stands out in my mind more than the rest. I walked out to the yard where Beauty was being brushed by Bonnie, and she looked over to see me and she screamed with excitement! She rushed over to me and instantly rolled over for a belly rub. She was ready to meet her new sisters!

I could not asked for a better response when I brought Spirit and Winter to meet Beauty. Their tails were wagging, they were playing, and my two became three. Everything was falling into place. It was time to take this little dog home!

Bringing her home presented a new set of challenges. Sleeping at night inside a house appeared to be new to her. She paced and panted all night for several weeks keeping me awake. Tired, yet determined not to give up on her, it got to a point where I thought something has to be wrong. Something is definitely wrong. A visit to the vet confirmed my suspicion. She had a thyroid problem, and as a result her fur was falling off. Treatment was simple, only two pills a day. After a short period of time she started sleeping, and a new coat began to grow in.

She has the most incredible coat! She is so fluffy and so pretty! Now it is hard to walk this stunning girl without everyone we meet stopping to compliment me on having such a beautiful dog. I can’t believe the change in her. How she has come such a long way, and is improving every day. I Love her, my Husband loves her, and her sisters love her. I can’t even imagine our family without this silly dog and her addiction to belly rubs. We are truly blessed to call her ours.”