Beg for More

“Beg For More Biscuit Bakery” Now Available at Paws-N-Shop.

Paws-N-Shop is highly aware of the fact that pet owners are more concerned about the quality of ingredients in the treats and food they are feeding their pets.

Being a baker as a hobby, Trudy Carter has decided to combine her love of baking with the love of her dogs to come up with “Beg for More” dog Biscuits. After researching to find ingredients that can be used in her cookie recipes to substitute the ingredients already listed she came up with a recipe that worked.

Beg for More biscuits are made of ingredients such as: apple puree, carrot puree, pumpkin puree sweet potato puree, cinnamon, barley flour, olive oil and oatmeal. All the ingredients used can easily be purchased in the local grocery store.

After preparing several batches and giving them to her friends to sample, she received rave reviews from everyone who tried them. When word got out to the general public and people started requesting that she bake them a batch and how much she charged was the moment when she realized she was truly on to something great.


Beg for More Poster